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On the 'Home' page you will find access to your Celestory projects; the projects shared with you are the 'Examples' that are public (to be copied in 'My Projects' to be able to modify them). A link to the 'User Manual' (where you are), the 'Academy' (video tutorials) and lastly the 'Discord' chat (the community).

My Projects

This is the list of the game projects which you have the right to modify. You can modify any of these projects that you have created. In this category there are 2 types of games. The first type are the projects you have created, for which you own the administration rights. The second being other projects which you don’t own the administration rights but have been shared with you.

The drop-down menu for each project, (click the three vertical dots icon that is located on the project next to the project name) allows you to copy or delete projects.

Shared Projects

The list of the game projects we shared with you, where you don't have administrator rights, but you have viewing rights and if the administrator has authorized it, editing rights.


The examples are public projects and have catégories:

Tutorial 🎓:These projects demonstrate the different features of Celestory

Assets:These copyable projects contain the graphic assets of a thematic universe. There are thousands of character assets, with different expressions, backgrounds and objects.

Script building sample ✒️

But also : 

  • Game 🎮
  • Interactive movie 🎬
  • Bot 💬
  • Game book 📖
  • Audio experience 🔊
  • Interactive event 🎟️
  • Under construction

The examples are sorted according to the specific use cases in your sector of activity.


This takes you to Celestory’s user manual guiding you step by step on how to use Celestory, reach the community or the team.

Chat Discord

Invitation: https://discord.gg/VTuB2h5

This is an access to our Discord Chat platform where you can find the Celestory community.

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