This is the heart of game creation. Here you will be able to build the structure of your interactive scenarios through a graph tree in block construction. Write the content in the appropriate blocks, design your game by selecting the resources, test it to ensure its narrative and logical coherence, and then generate it in the format you want.

Main Menu 

This is the menu to manage your project. More information in the Main Menu section.

Save Button

This button is used to save your project changes to the cloud server. It is very important to save as often as possible. A green notification will appear to confirm that the backup is successful. If it is red, it will indicate which error code is preventing you from saving.


We advise you, when you start a new important part of your story to save your project. Copy the project and number it if you have to work on different versions of your project in parallel for example: My Story V1, My Story V2.

Remember that testing the script is fundamental! It is sometimes during testing that we discover a hidden flaw which involves reworking the story at a specific point in the development process. Sometimes it is possible to correct the last version, sometimes it is necessary to start again from a previousversion. With up-to-date archives, you secure your work.


Click on these buttons to undo your changes or restore them. The shortcuts are Control+Z (UNDO) and Control+Shift+Z (REDO)

Be careful, they are only effective for the same session. Refreshing your page, quitting your project or closing the browser will prevent these functions from being active on the new session.

Add blocks drop down menu

This button is a shortcut to the 'Blocks' menu, also accessible by right clicking to Add Blocks. Here you will find shortcuts to your favourite blocks, as well as a 'More Blocks' button to display the full list of blocks. For more information, see the 'Blocks' Menu.

? (acadmey)

Here is a shortcut to the Academy, with everything to learn how to use Celestory, how to reach the community and the team.

Go to Academy:


You can change your name and subscription here.

Your business category, your user category and your creation objective. Changing these elements will show you other examples of more suitable projects.


Click on ‘Upgrade’ where you can upgrade your subscription to a higher level that will unlock many new features.

The subscription details can be found here:

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