Celestory includes 2 types of triggers activated by all players:

  • Collect value of a variable (through a choice, an imput text...) which can be a boolean (true OR false), number (1,2,3...) or text type (username...)
  • Collect Triger time

Connecting Celestory to Zapier or Integromat opens you the integration of more than 2000 apps!Β 

Zapier and Integromat are exclusive to the Pro and Business Plan.Β 

Note: In order to send data through Zapier, be sure to export your project first. Triggers will start to work only on exported app.

1. Go into your selected project

create a Zapier block

2. Connect your Zapier block to your graph

You have 3 differents ways to fill the message of the Zapier block:

  • connect the value dot from another block
  • connect directly a variable block
  • enter an arbitrary value by opening the Zapier block

the following example, we want to extract the value of the variable Username created from the Imput text bloc.

3. Link the targeted value to the Zapier block

throught the Message dot.

The value dot of the block will replace the message of the Zapier block.

4. Activate the integration

in Main Menu/Project Menu/Integration tab

The Client ID and Client Secret will help Zapier regognized Celestory triggers.

5. Go to your zapier account

and select Make a zap

6. Choose Celestory

7. Select the Receive Message trigger

Note: New Shared project trigger let you know when somebody give you the sharing access to a project, which can be useful if a co-worker wants to share with you some new interactive scenario.

Then click on Continue.

Then click on Add a New Account

8. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret of your project

in the new window will pop-uping-up.

Then click on Continue

Then Test & Continue.

The "Message A" message indicates that's working.

Then select the second tool of your voice that will receive the data.

In this example, we select Google Sheet.

Then select the Action you want it to do.

In this example, we want to Create a speadheet row (aka enter a value in a cell).

Then Continue.

Select your Google account.

Click on Continue.

Select your targeted spreadsheet and the worksheet (aka the Tab).

In this example, the spreadsheet as a Username value to indicate the column.

Username will be recognized. Select the data you want to collect.
You can select the Incoming message or the Date of the Trigger.

In this example, let's select Incoming Message.

The Continue.

A summary of your zap appears.

You can Test & Review. Your spreadsheet collect the sample data.

Click on ReTest&Continue.

Then turn your Zap on.

9. Test your exported app

Note: In order to send data through Zapier, be sure to export your project first. Triggers will start to work only on exported app.

here we test the export in the Discovery marketplace.

As a regular user, you enter the value of the username variable with an Imput block.

10. Your user data is created

Directly in your spreadsheet. Every user playing the app will continue to fill the value of the spreadsheet.



You know how to implement data triggers, transfer data and action a third-party app. For marketing, personalized content or learning records, you have unleashed the possibilities of more than 2000 apps and thousand of connections.

Here are few examples of what you can do with Celestory connecting Zapier to another service:

  • πŸŽ“ Create your school online, with Podia or Teachable
  • πŸ•ΉοΈ Creating gamification around team tasks, with Loresome
  • 🀚 Assigning a candidate to a job offer and annotating it, with Crelate
  • 🏫 Sending a xAPI file to an LMS, with Watershed
  • πŸ“Š Display surveys as real among your audience, with Google Slide
  • πŸ”— Send a custom url to measure click ratio based on user profiles, with Rebrandly
  • ▢️ Send a custom video to a group of users, with Crowdcast
  • πŸ”Ž Determining the size of a company based on a prospect's email address, with Hunter
  • πŸ“± Send or update a Record to the app builder, with Adalo

With Zapier, you can do all the integration of Integromat (mail, angenda, slack, stripe...). To learn more, to go: πŸ”Œ Connect Celestory with Integromat.

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