The Dialogue block shows the dialogue of one or more series of lines in each character bubble in the feed of the module.

It is essential to respect the : "CharacterName: dialogue" in order to make sure that the character's name is recognized and that the character's appearance and disappearance animations are done automatically (to make room for another one or not).

You can replace the text you place between singletons (ex: {{x}} apples) by the value of a current variable. Once done, the text between singletons appears at the bottom of the block with a point to connect to the block of the variable you are targeting.

In each dialogue bubble, it is possible to add a media source, currently an image or a sound. They will appear as an MMS attachment. This is the best way to give voice to your characters, but the audio replicas will have to be associated with each text replica in each dialogue block.

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