The Creator got an export option with a lot of functionality. It will help you to integrate your project in an interoperatable perspective, because it allows you to choose between various formats and plateforms.

First Step : Click on the Β« Export Β» option

Second Step : Configure your exportation

A menu will appear and show you various options. Firstly, you will have to choose the format, the version, the name and the description of your project.

Depending on the format you have chosen, some specific option have to be configured. For example, exporting a project is not possible if you have not selected a tag that will help your porject to be referenced.

For this reason, the Β« Export Β» option will be your best ally if you want to share your project to a larger public, or if you want to work on the interoperability of your project.

A preview of an export to the Discovery

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