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Available on the side menu in: Module settings/Characters

It is in this menu that you can modify or create your characters.

You already have a library of characters ready to be used.

Don't hesitate to rename the characters in the following way to retain them easily because you're going to have to name in the text box of the Dialog blocks to make them appear.

Several options:

  • Name: Name your characters
  • Appearance: Change the side from which your character (to match with the orientation of your character's image)
  • Image: Select your character's image file in the Project Files.
  • Dialog appearance: Customize the border of your character to make it stand out in your dialogues.
  • Text style: Customize the font of your text.
  • Character delete: Deletes your character (not the file

Associated image)


The Dialogue block allows you to recognize and do talk about the characters by displaying their avatars.

In the text box of the Dialogue block, you must write the names of the characters in advance for that these be recognized.

You will find the list of characters in Module settings/Characters.

You have to skip one line between each replica

of characters:


"Woman 10 - front - happy: Welcome

Man 6 - side - happy: Hello"

Note: Be careful not to press the space key on one line. It may appear empty to you but contain the character "space" and thus generate an error.


Offer your user interactions, particularly exploration, through a block 🟪 Choice,

even if he only offers one.

This makes it possible to better immerse the user by making him or her

do the action.

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