🎨 New ergonomics of settings of modules
πŸ’­ Notification block to display information (overlay)
πŸ’Œ One-click generation of projects with Celestory's Direct Link (self hosted)
πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨ Word Recognition block
πŸ‘† Clickable Zone block
πŸŽ› Addition of video control options and sons
πŸ”€ New version of the text editor

πŸ’Ÿ Simulation of OS
πŸ“± Personalization of the ratio of app
πŸ’ž Ability to copy modules

🧩 New functionality for creating Menus

  • Text Element
  • Image Element
  • Sound Element
  • Video Element
  • Scrollable Layout element (submenu)
  • Spacer element
  • Webpage element (embedded)
  • Variable Element
  • Element Web Link
  • Item open a menu
  • Slide/sound music element
  • Start element (starts module)
  • Continue element (resume at checkpoint)
  • Social networks element
  • Open overlay element
  • Close overlay element
  • Change language element

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